الأربعاء، 17 ديسمبر 2008

The previous president of the global state VS Muntadhar Al zaidy

Dear Friends
I really have no idea how should i start my article but i'm sure from one thing that iraqian is really kick some A**es !!!but honestly i still have that feeling and its keep telling me that what muntadhar did is wrong??? i don't know why i just feel that even though he took the revenge of every iraqian with his shoes "size 10" just like Bosh said" and belive me he know that more than any one else"i still belive there is somthing wrong happened especially this situation came from a journalist who face all the circumstances in iraq "the bad one off cours" i mean he get kidnapped then released and after that he seized by american forces may be all that was enough for him to turn him on and let him do what he did during the congress between the Maliki and Bosh...whatever
that was my feeling....pals
on the other side there is Al Maliki "prime minister" i keep reading who good goalkeeper is he and how he is gonna be the next iraqi goalkeeper for our national team instead of "Noor Sabri" and i just want to tell that , what the Maliki did was just a reacting for the situation and not a braveness from him to protect Bosh from get kicked, and Bosh seems to be very proffisional in escaping from such situation "did you see how he bend over and avoide the first shoe"i mean this guy is rock..well its seems to me there is no much to say i still wactching the T.V and know what is gonna be happened for Muntadhar ...we all hope the best.....keep loking you too guys.
God bless you all and God bless Iraq
Aws Ayad

الخميس، 20 نوفمبر 2008

Believe or not but i became a lurcher !!!!! Fuck

Honestly i don't know how should i start explaining this but i've got to tell you a very important thing about me.....i'm not a god damn lurcher o.k....that's the first thing you should know about me....now let me tell you the story about how a became f**k lurcher :let's go
last tuesday i went to my university to met some friends and finish my graduation papers ....early at the morning i met my friends and spoke with them for a while before they went to thier lectures and left me alone by myself at the cafeteria which is somthing normal after graduation to sit alone if you didn't call anyone from your old fellows to meet you at the college.....anyway i was sitting in peace try to call my friend Mustaffa and asking him to meet me in the university but unfortunatly i couldn'r reach him due to network fail "of course"so i decided to send him an SMS in a chance to inform him with my request and of course the SMS wasn't sent from the first time so i have to send it again,so in a chance to search the network manually"you know lift up your cell phones in the air and swing it to try to improve the network"I finally have the chance and my message sent to to mustfa and i already receive the deliverey report ....till now every thing is o.k right
her is the surprise???? a tow girls came to me and ask me to to go out side th cafeteria for an important issues,as a gentelman i go out with them for talking one of the them start to talk to me with an angry voice asking me directly to delete her picture from my cell phones and ask me not to do it again ???????? at the first moment i get shocked !! girls what are you talking about ??? what are asking me to do???? i would never gonna do somthing like that !!!ever,i mean which kind of person i'm if i did such a biased thing i keep asking her but she was convinced that i took a picture for her while she was sitting infront of me at the cafeteria,so as i defence about my self i gave her my cell phone and she start searching for her picture in my Albums ,of course she didn't find anything ....the worst thing for me was that she went with her friend without believing me and what is that's could be meant to me??? I mean she wasn't even beautiful damn it...my friend Muhanned used to call her "Ezzat Al dori"because she is reddish with very red hair and for those who are not familiar with "Ezzat al dori" he was the loyal Dog for Saddam hussein since he became the president in 1979 ....and the other worst thing is that the whole story was because of an SMS...yes did you remember when i talk to you about my friend mustaf, yes pals the sound of the camera that she heared was the sound of the deliverey report and when she saw me focus on her with my cell phone that's happened when i was swing my phone try to improve my network
Anyway after four years in Nahrain university with no stain on me ,the good name of Aws is in the mud now and all of that because of a bad network"fuck you Iraqna "you make me back to my house miserable that date ....
o.k pals i think i speake enough about this issue and waiting you to let me know your comments abou this subject
Aws Ayad

الأحد، 16 نوفمبر 2008

Beautiful mind

Dear freinds
I decided to become more adult and try to express my thoughts and my emotions to the public in a way to satisfy my need in so many levels...as a start i think to give my name "Aws"on this blog,but then i change my mind and decided to call it "Beautiful mind" , i feel like this name will express my emotion more than using my real name at the same time its remember me with one of my best movies i ever seen in my life and my best actor "Rassul Crew" ....i belive that this is just a start for me to keep in touch with the world and with my self ,damn how life became boring if you didn't fill it with something or someone !!!!i guess you all agree with me about that
leave you now in piece and...ummm cheer me up pals,let's keep in touch
O.k fellows I think this is it ,that's what i wanna say it now .....may God bless you all
Aws Ayad