الأربعاء، 17 ديسمبر 2008

The previous president of the global state VS Muntadhar Al zaidy

Dear Friends
I really have no idea how should i start my article but i'm sure from one thing that iraqian is really kick some A**es !!!but honestly i still have that feeling and its keep telling me that what muntadhar did is wrong??? i don't know why i just feel that even though he took the revenge of every iraqian with his shoes "size 10" just like Bosh said" and belive me he know that more than any one else"i still belive there is somthing wrong happened especially this situation came from a journalist who face all the circumstances in iraq "the bad one off cours" i mean he get kidnapped then released and after that he seized by american forces may be all that was enough for him to turn him on and let him do what he did during the congress between the Maliki and Bosh...whatever
that was my feeling....pals
on the other side there is Al Maliki "prime minister" i keep reading who good goalkeeper is he and how he is gonna be the next iraqi goalkeeper for our national team instead of "Noor Sabri" and i just want to tell that , what the Maliki did was just a reacting for the situation and not a braveness from him to protect Bosh from get kicked, and Bosh seems to be very proffisional in escaping from such situation "did you see how he bend over and avoide the first shoe"i mean this guy is rock..well its seems to me there is no much to say i still wactching the T.V and know what is gonna be happened for Muntadhar ...we all hope the best.....keep loking you too guys.
God bless you all and God bless Iraq
Aws Ayad