الأحد، 16 نوفمبر، 2008

Beautiful mind

Dear freinds
I decided to become more adult and try to express my thoughts and my emotions to the public in a way to satisfy my need in so many levels...as a start i think to give my name "Aws"on this blog,but then i change my mind and decided to call it "Beautiful mind" , i feel like this name will express my emotion more than using my real name at the same time its remember me with one of my best movies i ever seen in my life and my best actor "Rassul Crew" ....i belive that this is just a start for me to keep in touch with the world and with my self ,damn how life became boring if you didn't fill it with something or someone !!!!i guess you all agree with me about that
leave you now in piece and...ummm cheer me up pals,let's keep in touch
O.k fellows I think this is it ,that's what i wanna say it now .....may God bless you all
Aws Ayad

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